AdventureBox MAX! Ages 9-14

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Made in UK. In the continuity of AdventureBox, AdventureBox MAX! is designed for children 9 years and older and encourages their appetite for reading.

A magazine that is so much more than just a book. Stories, games, experiments and comics, all wrapped up in 68 pages. At an age where social media draws attention, let your children have fun reading while exploring the world.

Kids will find in each issue:

  • A different story every month to keep reading exciting and build a habit to read magazines and news
  • A word from the creators of the story
  • Fascinating facts from all over the world that will make them hungrier for more discoveries and news
  • Max Life to discover everyday life of other children
  • Animax to learn fun facts about animals
  • Make it: a section encourages creativity in every fields
  • Hilarious comic strips
  • Games, quizzes, a mystery to solve and much more...