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Demo Package for Schools: Encourage Student's Love for Reading



 We’ve been recognized by the Parents’ Choice Foundation for the 7th year. 

Bayard is dedicated to captivating even the most reluctant of readers with beautiful illustrations, inspiring stories, and engaging information. 

We believe strongly in developing a love of reading by showing students that, whether it is a short story, multi-chapter adventure, or fun and casual comic strip, words can be fun as well as informative.

We’re confident the magazines speak for themselves but in case you’d like to experience them firsthand, simply share a few details below to receive a school demo package for free. 

The package includes one copy of each of our Box titles so that educators can go through the full extent of the Bayard reading journey.  After registration, we will be sending you the current issue to ensure that your experience is as fresh as our content.

Find out for yourself

what treasures you might find inside StoryBox, AdventureBox, DiscoveryBox, or our latest addition to the family: AdventureBox Max!