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AdventureBox: Age 6-10 (AUDIO INCLUDED)


Made in the UK. Recommended by the Parents’ Choice Foundation (US)


AdventureBox is the magazine that keeps kids hooked on reading.  This title was made for kids who have just begun to read independently.  The distinctive format helps kids feel grown up and that they've arrived at the next step in their reading journey.

66 pages filled with:

An exciting illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters covering a variety of genres.  Children will begin to develop their literary tastes. The colourful illustrations will ensure that they enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.

A chat with the creators allows kids to understand more about the creative underpinnings of each story.

Nibby the pencil accompanies kids to explore the theme of the story.

Puzzles and games stimulate children’s literacy, observation and reasoning skills in a fun way.

Hilarious comics develop their sense of humour as well as their reading.

    AdventureBox + Audio 
    An audio in MP3  format is offered alongside each issue. Characters are brought to life by talented British voice actors.