AdventureBox: Ages 6-9

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Made in UK. Recommended Reading Winner of Parents’ Choice Awards (2020)


AdventureBox is the magazine that gets kids hooked on reading. Help your child become a reader for life with AdventureBox magazine. Chapter stories, nature, science, games, comics and more: 66 pages of story, discoveries and fun.

In every issue, enjoy :

  • An exciting illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters for newly independent readers. Action, suspense, drama, adventure, humor: children will discover different genres and develop their literary taste. Colorful illustrations on every page engage kids’ interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.
  • A chat with the creators, to go further and understand more about the author and illustrator creation's process
  • A Bonus : Nibby explores the story under a different angle
  • Puzzles and games to stimulate children’s literacy, observation and reasoning skills in a fun way.
  • A hilarious comic - strip with funny and mischievous characters will take readers on all sorts of escapades.

Audio Feature

  • The option to add the audio is delivered in either MP3 or CD format alongside each issue. Characters are brought to life by talented British voice actors. The audio recordings will gently accompany children as they become independent readers. Click to hear sample.