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Terms & Conditions

Which magazine is most suitable for my child?

On our website you can choose the magazine that suits your child by age or language preference. Every child has their own preference and learns to read at their own pace which means selecting a title isn’t always easy – and that’s okay!  With a Bayard subscription, you won’t be locked into any single title.  If you have a picky reader (yes, those exist!) or you’re second guessing your choice, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to switch it up for you.  

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Where can I get a preview of the magazines to look at?

There are previews on the product description for each magazine. We encourage parents to use these previews to gauge their child’s interest.  Simply visit the product page of the magazine or magazines you’re interested in on our website!

I am interested in subscribing, where do I get started?

Each item on the website has an "add to cart" button. Simple click this button to add the product to your shopping cart. You can click the "shopping cart" icon at the top right corner of the page at any time to view the products in the shopping cart. When you are done, filling up your "Shopping Cart" page, click "Checkout" to complete the order process.


Are there any promotions going on now?

Usually our latest offers will be published on the Bayard website and Facebook page. There are also some special offers for those subscribed to our newsletter. For fresh offers, sign up to our newsletter now with the form at the bottom of our homepage.


I want to renew, can I place an order directly on the website?

Yes, you only need to indicate "Renew" at the bottom of the shopping cart page at checkout, and we will help you extend your subscription period when you enter the system. During the subscription period, we also encourage you to try different reading materials regularly according to your child’s reading level and needs. 


I placed an order today, when will my subscription period begin?

If your subscription is successfully placed on or before the 15th of this month, your subscription period will start from this month. If the order is submitted after the 15th of this month, your subscription period will start next month.


I have placed an order, when will I receive the first issue?

We understand that everyone wants to receive our magazine right away! Since Bayard prints on a monthly basis, the content of each issue is up-to-date. You can expect the first issue to be received approximately 3-4 weeks after the order is placed. 

If you still haven't received your magazine, Contact us here