Little Red Apple: Five stories in Chinese and English for the little ones

Little Red Apple: Five stories in Chinese and English for the little ones

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Read and listen to 5 Little Red Apple stories in Mandarin, Cantonese and English on your mobile device and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

5 exciting e-books with colourful illustrations and fun animations. Each story is available in two versions: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The beautiful music and the talented actors bring those 5 touching stories to life.

A great way to build up vocabulary in Cantonese and Mandarin!

5 stories in 2 versions (Simplified Chinese with Mandarin Audio and Traditional Chinese with Cantonese audio):

Little feather

Theo likes going to the park to feed bread to the ducks. Oh, a feather is flying away! Where will it go? 

Crab of the Carribean

On a Caribbean island lives an ogress whose name must remain unknown. Because if her name was called, she would disappear. The crab, who knew the secret, told it to a little girl. A creole musical tale that tells us why crabs will always be crabs! 

Good Bye Titouan!

Titouan uses the sofa cushions to build a boat and sails far, far away from her little sister's crying. An adventure between reality and dream to celebrate the love between siblings.

The Penguin Who Wanted to be Warm

What's paradoxical for a penguin? Not being able to cope with the cold of course!  This exotic and initiatory tale will take little readers from Antarctica to tropical countries and from the family nest to new horizons. 

Friends of the Jungle

For the elephants' parade, Shandar, a little boy, wants his friend Hathi to be the prettiest. But Kapi the monkey spoiled all the paint that was going to be used to decorate the little elephant. A beautiful Indian-inspired story about friendship.

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  • Ages 3 to 7

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