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Due to the current situation, delivery times for your subscription may be affected.
Due to the current situation, delivery times for your subscription may be affected.

The Dragon Ride by Scarlett Chasteauneuf

Emma likes Daniel, they are friends. One day they went to a fair and saw a silver spaceship, Daniel decided that it would be cool to go inside it, so he said “Emma, lets get into that thing” so they went into the spaceship thingy.
They went back in time and the dragon roller-coaster was real. Emma and Daniel got out of the space time machine and tried to get onto what was the dragon roller coaster but as they clambered onto its back they noticed that it was a real dragon!!! No seats, no seat belts or handrails. They felt its body moving up and down. Emma said “oh”, Daniel said “OOO” which woke the dragon up. They were terrified. The dragon blinked. Emma and Daniel both Screamed “aaah!” and ran away!
The dragon said “No! Wait!, I wont eat you!” Emma and Daniel stopped and turned, “you can talk?” they said “of course” said the dragon, “have you seen a dragon before?” he kindly asked. “No said Daniel “a few minutes ago , you were a roller coaster!” “ I didn’t know “ said the dragon. “we got out of the thing that was shiny, everything has changed, so we need help” OK said the dragon. “But only if you help me with my tooth, because my tooth hurts”, they looked in his mouth at his tooth, they were scared, it was wobbly and its gum was red. Emma and Daniel grabbed the tooth and pulled really hard and it went POP! and out it came. “Thank you” said the Dragon “and now it doesn’t hurt, so how can I help you?” “Well” said Daniel we need to find the shiny thing that looks like a spaceship so that we can get home”, the dragon said “Jump on my back and we will have a look”
The dragon was shiny and slippery but they were able to hold onto him. He flapped his wings and took off. When they were flying they spotted a shiny thing but it want what they were looking for so the dragon flew on. They flew over houses, trees, flowers and birds. They saw a silvery shiny shape and they told the dragon to fly down. He obediently flew down it felt like a roller-coaster! They hovered near the ground to get a closer look. It was the spaceship. They said goodbye to the dragon and climbed into the spaceship and when they go out the dragon turned back into a roller coaster and everything was back to normal.