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Due to the current situation, delivery times for your subscription may be affected.
Due to the current situation, delivery times for your subscription may be affected.

For Cress by Pearl Gunn

The Aliens were always the biggest threat. As I walked through the amusement park I was astounded. The battle machine was on display. Ru walked in step with me, sucking air in through his teeth. “So that’s what they fight them off in?” asked Ru, queuing up for the Ferris Wheel.

“Suppose so” I breathed. It was dumbfounding, shocking, startling. The sun glanced off its surface, curved like a circular pebble, polished to perfection. Only the people working for the Forces had ever seen one and most don’t live to tell the tale.

“Oh look, we’re next in line!” I cried, grabbing his arm. We were bustled in, pressed into the shoulders of strangers. I tripped, and my scarf slipped from around my neck, but the doors were closing, so I kept pulling Ru into the glass box. Everybody formed small groups, each one awkwardly avoiding the others. Snippets of conversation floated past, each discussion slightly linked.

“Do you think the Forces are one short?” hissed a blonde woman.

“I wonder what the numbers are for the Forces” pondered another from quite a different group. We rose higher into the sky and my stomach twisted itself into a knot. I hadn’t considered the numbers. What if…

Suddenly, the blonde woman screamed. Everybody dashed over to wear she was standing. A huge spacecraft was speeding towards the ground. Blue flames were flying from the tail and its glistening silver nose was pointed. The velocity of the craft was mounting, and screams ricocheted around the capsule. Small beings peered out through little windows, but they looked nothing like the warped creatures that I thought of when I heard about aliens. They looked just like us. And there was only one species they could be. The most far-fechted, laughable one. The ones that destroyed their planet with waste, the ones that caused most of their animals to become extinct. The Humans.

“Hello. I am the Human Ambassador. I have come to ask for peace.” She had descended from her craft with a godly air, as though she was saying “bow to me, for I am your master”.  Plucking my scarf from the floor she spindled it around her fingers. Then she ran back to her ship, returning with a pot of red, flickering stuff. She dipped the tip of my scarf into the pot and the red stuff bloomed and spread, the scarf curling and turning black. She tossed it away while a Human girl crept out from behind her. She tossed a clear substance onto my scarf, quenching the bloom. Our capsule was lowering now and as soon as the door opened, I ran to the girl.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she hissed in my ear. “I’m Cress”

“Clove” I replied. “Thank you.” I smiled at her and ran to Ru and he put his arm around me. I have decided I hate the Ambassador, but I will help the Humans. For Cress.