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Due to the current situation, delivery times for your subscription may be affected.
Due to the current situation, delivery times for your subscription may be affected.

Alien Park by Edward Dunn

Zac and Hannah sprinted up into the Park, it was evening and had very few people in it. Zac looked all around them.  In some places security guards were positioned. “Come on Hannah, I love the rides!”. Hannah looked worried.

“I’m not too keen on helter skelters, or roller coasters,” said Hannah. Zac ran over to a giant metal ball on stilts, it had orange bumps on the hull and looked weird. “This must be a new ride, they sure put it up fast!” said Zac. He ran over to it and skimmed his hand across the front. “I’ll go and ask the security guard to see what it is” said Zac. He made his way to a big bristly man in a hi-vis jacket, he looked down at Zac. Zac, being 9 years old, was still quite short. “Hello, what are you doing here, young chap?” said the security guard.

“I would like to ask about that ride, what is it?” asked Zac,

“I am afraid I do not know much about that ride, the owner of the Park would not tell me, but you’re free to go in there!” said the security guard. Zac walked back over to Hannah and said, “come on let’s go in”. They walked over to the ride, Hannah dragged along behind.

Zac looked at the ride, it seemed bigger and weirder up close. They walked up some steps and into the ride. As they walked inside, the doors closed behind them, “I guess it’s some kind of maze?” shrugged Zac, they walked down a corridor and into a room. The room was filled with lab equipment, bottles, machines and lots more. Zac picked up a cloak, he put it on, and disappeared! “Zac, where are you?” screamed Hannah. Zac took off the cloak and appeared again. “It turned me invisible!” said Zac. They walked out of the room and into the corridor, Hannah walked into another room, it was filled with books. Zac ran over to a bookcase and started pulling books. “What are you doing?” asked Hannah, “Pulling books to see if there’s a secret passage,” said Zac.

Suddenly, as Zac pulled a book, the bookcase slid sideways and revealed a secret passage. Zac was first to go through the passage. It was damp and wet inside and it smelled horrible. As Zac walked through, he gasped, and said “aliens!”. The aliens were thin green people with bulging heads and black eyes. “Thank you for saving us, we were trapped in here forever, please take us back to our spaceship!” said the aliens, “it’s just down the corridor,”. Zac and Hannah and the aliens ran down the corridor and to their surprise saw a UFO, “Thank you, earthlings for your kindness!” said the aliens. They jumped into their ship. Their engines roared as they flew right through the top of the ride. “We just met aliens!” said Zac. “I know!” said Hannah, “I know.”