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Inspire your children, push the boundaries of their curiosity!

Packed with illustrated articles, comics and games, DiscoveryBox is a fun journey to learn about History, Nature, Science and Society.

In each issue, children explore a new topic (prehistoric man, horses, robots, the mysteries of the night...). Let them immerse themselves in History of the world, Scientific discoveries, The beauty of nature and the current Events on our planet. 

DiscoveryBox helps children grow and develop critical thinking. It also nurtures discussion with friends, parents, teacher... for the benefits of all!

For curious children!




"My 10-year-old son has been devouring it every month for 2 years and we are renewing his subscription for another year. He learns a lots of information and it strikes a good middle ground: a magazine that is entertaining and educational." Liz

 "My daughter loves her Discovery Box! There are always themes that interest her, and she has been using a lot of material for school projects" Margaret

"I learn a lot of things with Discovery Box. I read it as soon as I get it, and my dad borrows it right after!" Theo, 9


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