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Children will get hooked on reading


Adventure Box (6 to 9 years old) is recommended by Parent's Choice Award for his quality content. Intended to newly independent readers Adventure Box makes reading fun and children can't wait to receive their magazine every month in the mail box.

Book + Audio option for more enjoyment! Listen to a sample here


Adventure Box Max (9 to 14 years old) keeps the reading adventure going! At an age when social media and internet are more more present in their lives, AdventureBox Max has all the ingredients to keep children interested in reading. 


"Every month, I look forward to getting my Adventure Box magazine! The novels are great, the games and comics are very funny. I love Zak!" Anna, 9 years old ½

"Simon, who is 12 doesn't like reading long books like his friends. I am so grateful I found a magazine that is age adapted and that he enjoys reading. He has fun and he loves the amazing facts section. He has fun and learns at the same time!" Debbie



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